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Web Archiving System

Web archiving is one of the government's initiatives to preserve information about Sarawak, as stipulated in the Sarawak State Library Ordinance, 1999 under the Legal Deposit of Publication requirements.


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Sarawak Authors

Pustaka Negeri Sarawak is committed to contribute significantly towards realisation of a reading and knowledge based Sarawak society.

The roles played by authors is crucial to produce reading materials and generate intelectual heritage.
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Sarawak State Bibliography

The Sarawak State Bibliography lists materials which were published in Sarawak and deposited at Pustaka Negeri Sarawak in accordance with the provisions stipulated under the Sarawak State Library Ordinance, 1999.

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e-Sarawak Gazette

The Electronic Sarawak Gazette is the first project of White Hornbill in Innovative and Creative Circle initiative.

Electronic Sarawak Gazette is to deal particularly in improving the usage of Sarawak Gazette.

TheElectronic Sarawak Gazette will be carried out in stages according to phases.
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Sarawakiana Arts Collection Online

Sarawakiana Arts Collection Online is the digital representative of Sarawak State Library’s visual art collections. The collection feature artworks either by local artists or about Sarawak, is a resource for researchers, art aficionados and enthusiasts alike.
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The Sarawak Dictionary of Acronyms & Abbreviations

The Sarawak Dictionary of Acronyms & Abbreviations is a collaboration effort between Pustaka and the author, Dr. David J. Jones. Acronyms are formed by taking the initial letters or parts of a group of words, thereby creating another word.